Join any trade union to be safe in the workplace and get advice and representation when you need it. Most other trade union are for specific worker groups, based on what work they do or where you work. for example, for civil workers or trade unions for medical workers etc.

EJU is different because rather than focus on the job you do; we focus on who you are.  The criteria for membership are any work or employee from any of the 9 protected groups outlined in The Equality Act 2010. (Age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief and sex).

EJU  is the expert in the field of representing members who find themselves the potential victim of racism and any other forms of discrimination. The objective is the elimination of all forms of discrimination in the workplace.

EJU will seek to work in collaboration with any other union is open to working in partnership to make our objective a reality.

EJU will engage employers whenever possible to ensure our members workplaces are safe.  This is an important part of how we protect and support our members.


Representation is provided to EJU members’ employer, role, or position in the workplace hierarchy.

All EJU Advocacy & Advice Consultants (AAC) undergo relevant employment law training and will have developed skills in the field of advocacy in disciplinary and grievance hearings.

All EJU AAC’s are remote workers and will meeting you at a pre-arranged office base if required.  However, EJU will make full use of the various virtual platforms and utilise these whenever possible.

All members can access advice from the first day of members, however, members are only entitled to representation in accordance with Terms of Reference outlined below.