1 Representation will be provided for all work-related issues, this includes matters relating to your competence and professional registration.

2. Proceedings in employment tribunals will be by referral to our partner legal firm and will only proceed after an internal and external assessment your case. Assessment decisions are final, there is no appeal. Direct contact from members to the partner legal firm can only take place after your case has been formally referred and allocated as a client of the partner legal firm.

3. Trade unions are recognised for the purpose of negotiating terms and conditions of service. Where there is no recognised trade union in the workplace, EJU will seek to negotiate and secure trade union recognition status in the workplace.

4. DBE does not provide representation in criminal matters and civil court proceedings.

5. Representation by an EJU AAC is only available to members who have been in membership for at least three consecutive months.

7. EJU cannot represent issues retrospectively. Members cannot therefore call on an AAC to represent them on issues originating prior to their eligibility for representation.

8. Representation is not available to overseas members.