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Equal Justice The Union Membership

By joining EJU, you need no longer worry about being discriminated against in the workplace. You will have all the support and protection that you need.
Not only when you believe you may be the victim of discrimination, but for any other workplace issue. For example, grievances, disciplinary processes, sickness monitoring etc. Subject to the EJU terms of reference, your EJU Advocacy & Advice Consultant (AAC) will represent you in the workplace. It simply does not make sense to do it by yourself, there is strength in numbers; a community of people who are different, but equal.

EJU can do it all: PROMOTE, SUPPORT and PROTECT. It’s that simple, people from discriminated groups supporting and advising people from discriminated groups.

“We conquer by continuing – We can achieve so much more together!” – Ms Marcia Lawrence-Russell

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